I seem to have spent a lot of this year working on the car and not taking pictures. Total work to date was prepping and painting 4 doors and a boot lid and fitting them. I also final fitted the wings and bonnet and spent hours/days trying to get the fit right. I now understand why Jaguar put the car together lead load it to get it to look right before they put paint on, it's vitually impossible to get it right after the fact

driversdoorson_small.jpg windscreenproblem_small.jpg passengersidedoorshuts_small.jpg driverssideproblems_small.jpg
passegnersideview_small.jpg driverssideview_small.jpg frontview_small.jpg frontscreenrefitted_small.jpg
frontscreenrefitted2_small.jpg rearscreenfitted_small.jpg rearscreen2_small.jpg sunroof_small.jpg
rearnsseatbeltmounting_small.jpg rearosseatbeltmounting_small.jpg rearosseatbeltmounting2_small.jpg

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