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What started out as website to show my restoration of HWX 135X in 2007 at the end of my first year of ownership, and familiarise myself with Dreamweaver. Has now grown into a site that covers all the work (actually all that I have photographed) while the car has been in my ownership. It may look a lot of hard graft and some days I have wondered about my sanity, indeed I am sure a number of my neighbours may question what I am up to this weekend.

It hasn't been all hard graft though, I have used the car as a daily drive from September 2008 up till March 2011, basically only putting in petrol, oil and water in it and new tyre's at last years MOT and a second hand stainless steel exhaust when the existing mild steel one became embarassing. That bit was hard work because again I did all the work on the drive and it was between the Christams and New Year break in 2009 and feezing cold.

Since owning the car the mileage has climbed from 69K to 86K so as you can see it doesn't sit on the drive idle, we have had some lovely tours in it and even spent a week in the Cotswold's in 2009, it has never let me down on a journey.

This website is a pictorial record of my ownwership of HWV 135 X and the restoration work carried out by myself.

A 1982 Daimler Soveriegn 4.2L Series 3 LWB

eBay Photo

One of the original eBay listing pictures Aug 2006

If you find any thing wrong with this site mail me and I will put it right, baring in mind I have checked it but do get blinkered and I'm not a website guru, or indeed if you want to correspond with me use the mailto link.

This bit of my website is a work in progress just as much as HWX, and no I don't have a pet name for it, it is just a very nice collection of metal, wood, glass, plastic, rubber and fluid's that make a car, a mode of transport.