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What Happened in 2009

Sadly there wasn't any thing I did in 2009 that I captured in picture's and I certainly can't remember any thing significant mechanically or body wise.

Later in the year I refreshed the interior with some car seat covers and installed a new headlining and some new door seals from Woolies. Which was brought about by catching a 'brick' on the M1 with the windscreen which cracked, requiring replacement under insurance. I actually remember ducking as I saw it coming at me 'in slow motion'. It landed just at the base of the screen in front of the driver's seat and bounced over the car.

I think I just put it in for an MOT and it passed without any major issues. Just a year where I used the car daily for Social Domestic and Pleasure

NB Brick may be slightly over the top, but 'It' was big enough to see it coming