Ben Buckle Super 60 Low Wing


Ben Buckle Super 60 Low Wing

These are archive photo's of the model, just not my model.

The big difference is I built the model as electric, sort of had this idea it would be ideal summer evenings plane for tootling around the sky.

I was asked if it was aerobatic and said I haven't ever tried it, any way a loop wasn't and issue, the roll while it got there was barrelly and slow, the stall turn reasonably passible, and inverted needs lots of down to keep it there, however I much prefer to fly it around in a more scale like manner. Figure of 8 circuits and square legs etc and I have discovered that I can fly it round using the rudder only which is a funny mode...! I fly Mode 1 airlerons on the right stick, so having the steering on the left stick is interesting.

The big benefit with that is I'm not so reluctant to use the rudder on other models because I have got my head round it going away and coming towards me.

Mine isn't that disimilar to the above colour scheme, antique solar tex with red solar tex trim.

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