Seagull Models Mustang P51-D


The top two photo's show the livery as it came out of the box, I bought this from a club member who thought it surplus to requirement. I have used and abused this model constantly since and even recovered it in a Reno Racer scheme which is the lower two photo's.

Ground handling is always interesting and will nose over if I'm not careful with the throttle, but once it starts rolling it isn't too bad.

It has had three engines in it a Super Tigre 46 a Irvine 53 and now an OS 46AX. I also managed to buy a new fibre glass cowl for it the old one was shot to pieces.

Considering the use and abuse I give this and the odd hard landing, I haven't yet crashed it but it used to come in very fast with the Irvine 53 it isn't in bad condition and fly's very well.

It still gets an outing on a windy day as the wind doesn't seem to affect it at all and I always have a smile on my face when I land it, the only thing it doesn't like is knife edge as for the rest no problem, the party trick used to be a vertical climb out of sight with or without rolls and spin it back down.

The OS 46 AX is well matched and was installed because I used to get some comments about the noise, it was on the limit with the 53 and a pits muffler. It has transformed the flight envolope, not as ballistic, vertical isn't as good as the 53 but you can't have it all.

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