Chris Foss Wots Wot

Chris Foss Wots Wot

I bought this part built Wots Wot from eBay for £60. The fuselage was built and wings joined so just needed finishing, I bought it from a guy in Ackworth near me so went and picked it up, listening to the story from the seller he got it from a mate of a mate who built it and had had it for 'years' sitting waiting to be finished. The seller had intended to learn to fly using it but didn't.

I got it home checked out the accuracy of the fuselage and wings and didn't have much to complain about and got on with finishing, I would have preferred to have a swept back top wing but couldn't muster the energy to cut the wing bandage and make it so, I just wanted to fly it.

Originally it had an OS 46 AX powering it and while this was ok and in spec it didn't give a sparkling performace, it quickly found a nice new OS 55 AX under the cowl and was a direct swap, also had a BCM Pitts muffler under the cowl.

The only problem I had with this plane was every time I took it off I always thought the top wing was off line with the bottom one, I measured it twisted it and tweaked it and it always looked wrong, however the plane flew very well until the day.

I had just done a stall turn at the far (North End) of the field and it was falling to earth at 45 degrees and not flying, I managed to get it pointing nose down and really didn't know which way it was going, all the time I was thinking it was getting closer to the ground, I wacked the throttle open and fed a lot of up in thinking if it came towards me all well and good, if it went away I would need to avoid hitting the trees and factories across the river, it came towards me but didn't clear the flood defence bund and buried itself into the earth up to the wing root.

The fuselage was destroyed back to the lower trailing edge, the top wings cabanes bent asunder, stingers on the muffler pointing backwards, under carrage had detached and about the only thing to clear the bund. The top and bottom wing completely unscathed and in storage with the rear half of the fuz waiting for the day.

Another good sports plane 'ruined'.

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