Seagull Model's Bower's Fly Baby

Seagull Models Bowers Fly Baby ARF

I had been hankering after a Fly Baby ever since my previous encarnation as an RC flyer back in the 80's. There was a lad (a teacher if I remember right) in the club (Chester le Street RMC) where I flew, who had one, , powered by a 61 2 stroke and it flew in all weathers, seem to remember seeing it with either floats or ski's as back then went out in all weather. There weren't many good days on the top of a hill in Craghead and the wind always blew, but normally from the same direction.

When Seagulls new Fly Baby got reviewed in RCM&E I thougtht I'm going to have one. It seemed to me that every one else wanted one because I think I waited 2 months for it to come from Vietnam as there wasn't one in the UK, not that I found.

I can only sing the praises of the model, apart from loosing the canopy while inverted, I cannot fault it. Flys in flat calm to about 20mph wind, just tends to ballon a bit in higher wind, probably due to having a flat bottom wing section, does most of the easy acrobatic figures and will cruise around at 1/3 to 1/2 throttle with ease and doesn't need or get much more than 3/4 throttle to take off.

I fly mine on a ASP 91 FS and 14x6 prop, I changed the wheels for bigger Dubro ones which absorb some of the landing shock, there is no give in the undercarrage at all. I also dispensed with the steerable tail wheel, I kept loosing or breaking the springs that moved it and when I took it off I could get rid of the ballast to get the cg right, the ground handling with just the skid is as good as it gets.

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