Lil Toot


Lil Toot

This is my third plane from the deceased members estate and my second hanger queen and for reasons I am not sure, I did spend lot of effort in fettling and finishing it and I am proud of it but it hasn't had many outings 'yet', these pictures are of the full size I based my model on and when I take it down the field and take some pictures, they will complement these.

What I got for my money was a finished fuz and wings. The fuz looked like it had a growth around the tailplane and fin root which was or could have been some sort of filler under the doped tissue. The wings where finished in doped tissue also and painted but it was in an awful state, and I had just parted with my hard earned for this, admittedly not much.

The fungus was ground out using a dremel and sand paper, refilled and smoothed, The whole fuz was rubbed down with wet and dry and stopped with cellulose stopper to fill in the micro blemishes, got to remember, I had just resprayed the Jag and had learned lots and lots of stuff left..

The wings turned out to be a bit harder, I cut the doped tissue from the wing bays and sanded down the rest the best I could, I damaged more than one rib capping (and rib) which needed replacement, some bits just fell out. Not being one to be beaten I was one move short of putting them in the bin and starting again, then I found Guerilla Glue with its very good adhesive qualities and fills gaps nicely.

The wings where sprayed with a sealer as I didn't know what was on them and then prepped for GlossTex covering with Solar Trim to finish. The rest was sealed and then sprayed with SolarLac 'White' to match the wings and Red to do the flash bits, in some instances I wasn't impressed with my masking technique but I think it was using cheap masking tape, so some of the trim on the fuz is Red Solar Trim, decals where supplied via and vola'

Its a Denis Tapsfield designed on an Radio Modeller plan RM143, 1/4 scale, 57" wingspan and designed for .61 2 stroke motors. Mine has a ASP 1.20 up front, it was weighing in about the same as the Zlin but considerably smaller so I thought it would need a bit more umph to get out of trouble. I spent hours trying to figure out how to get it to fit, rather than cutting and shutting bulkheads etc I decided to fit the engine up front on the original F1 and extend the cowl to cover it.

It transpired that the cowl needed an extra 20mm or so and inverting the engine meant most of it would be hidden. Using the original glassfibre cowl I made an outside mould so I could form the extra 20mm based on original cowl profile with fibre glass, one small area proved problematic when demolding the mold because I just used wax as release agent. The results while not perfect are acceptable, I have thought of making another full mold to make another but decided I couldn't be bothered.

I am not sure why or how but I ended up test flying the Lil Toot and it flew straight and true not needing more than a coupole of click straight off the building board so to speak and it looked fantastic in the air. I haven't investigated the flight envolope much but intend to this year.

The other slighly interesting thing with this plane is the engine is mounted inverted and with the tank in the original position the carb was something in the region of 40mm below the bottom of the tank. The solution I hit upon was to turn the back plate round screw the carb back on and fill the gap with a bit of aluminium tube cut and bent to size to fit in between, I have to thank the Wizard of Oz for his advice on this one (Brian Winch) and the engine runs great with no problems. That looks to be a webpage in itself. Thinks!


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