Le Camaret

I suppose the obvious statement here is it's not a plane it's a boat.

My lovely wife bought me this early in the millenium as a Christmas presant, basically it's was a kit of parts and apart from the initial rush It took about 10 years to complete and I still tinker with it now, there is always something to stick back on, I predomominantly used PVA to put it together originally but thin cyno gets used a lot these days.

The only divertion from the plan with this was the sails, I made them twice, the first set which where made from the supplied material didn't hang right (get you). I ended up after a few test runs using calico stuck to 70gsm paper both sides to get the look I was after.

The model is a scale representation of a typical french fishing boat from Camaret-sur-Mer in the Finistère department in northwestern France, located at the end of Crozon peninsula.

I still have to put the name plates on and christened the boat Petit Mignon after my wife

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