Meccano Ferris Wheel and Power Truck

As a child I was bought a Meccano Set 5 for Christmas when I was probably about 8 and loved it, it was only ever surpassed by Lego, Scalectrix Circuit 65 and a Raliegh Bike when I was about 13.

The Meccano was used to make all sorts of models in the manuals and magazines that I could and for a child it was great to make your own models. I gave it away to a needy cause, well thats what I was told, my mother being a health visitor, a lot off my stuff used to go that way if I didn't touch it for a while. I am sure the Scalextrix went the same way Christmas time being very dangerous for my possesions.

Fast forward more than forty years and browsing eBay, that famous money pit, I came across a Meccano 5 Set of the same era as the one I owned Green and Red mid fifties to late 60's, you can tell by the colour of the kit coming out of Binns Road Liverpool what era it was from, you can still buy Meccano from as far back as the 20's on eBay

I got embroiled in a bidding war and ended up with it for £65 actually when watching other meccano sets £65 wasn't expensive, if you have one in mint condition still wired to the box sat doing nothing it could be worth thousands to a collector. This then started my stint in collecting Meccano and over the last few years I have bought up bulk lots of it from 'mostly' eBay and have got just about a full Set 8 and my original Set 5, you can get very obsessive about chasing the one piece you haven't got. Set 10's which are the holy grail for a yound boy are still available but condition is paramount, even the box can be £100's good sets mostly complete can be £1000's, Collectors quality do not appear on eBay, I think these end up being bequeved and you would end up paying enough money that would have bought the company in the 1960's when it was struggling to keep going.

So, out of the bits I have ammassed rather than keeping them locked up I have made some models, the Ferris wheel is about the third attempt to get a decent representation of what I wanted, it is made up by me and not from any manual. The drive unit is made up from a few examples in the Mechanisms Manual, it utilises clutches, differentials, and brakes to give forward and backward direction and stop function, in fact it is like an automatic gear box. It runs from a dc motor which is reduced to usable revolutions and it runs on a three cell lipo which sits in the back of the power truck along side.


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