Whats In The Pipeline

In any modellers life there are always projects on the go and I am No different to any other. In order of completeness or pipedream

1. Creasant Tornado. Model built and dope and tissued with coat of primer.

This will have a HB 61 with a Tuned Pipe of equal vintage fitted and will be my pattern ship.

2. Astro Hog. This is a 60 year old model design of the first proper aerobatic model from 1957 (just my age). Kit needs starting, going to have a FS up front but not sure what yet

3. Bucket List

Pat French Team Special, Bi Plane from the late 70's early 80's Pits without the pain it was advertised as. Redrawn the plan just need to kit it.

Pucara, have the plan just need to do some thing about making it, I keep toying with the idea of blowing it up a bit and making it in foam with twin leccy motors.


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