Hanno Prettner Stratos


Hanno Prettner Stratos

A considerable number of my models are based on nostalgia, what was covetted back then become reality now and this is just a case. Can't remember where I saw God flying one but it was exciting.

Fast forward to Christmas 2015 (I think). I was laid up because I had pulled my Gastrocnemius Muscle in my leg crossing the road in Leeds to get to the pub. Lying in bed browsing eBay I found an old Radio Modeller magazine with a review of the Hanno Prettner Stratos with a little thumb nail of the plan. Bought the mag on buy it now and it was dropping on the mat within days, for those technically minded I copied the thumb nail and used it as a reference in my Cadd package and a plan was borne. I knew most of the stats like wingspan etc so was just a matter of copying the outline, there are if you look closely lots of plans available on the tinternet which I could use to compare.

Not for me i/c power but leccy. 2836 Outrunner with 11x7 folding prop fired by a 3000mah 4S Lipo

The completed model is incredibly easy to fly but! the big but is I have busted more props refitted the front bulk head numerous times because getting it into the air is any thing but easy. I used a dolly which wasn't succesful, I couldn't predict where it would go and no rudder to steer it, the delta was completely flat botton so nowhere to grip it so modded the original design by fitting a hull so you could grip it.

Things have improved but it isn't a one man operation to launch it and pilot it, you need a second to give it a good throw and then generally your off.

Watching a video on you tube of the great man flying his, you hold it out at arms length with the nose pointing skyward and open the throttle and let go. I am guessing that the power to weight ratio of his piped 40 2 stroke is a lot greater than my little electric motor because mine won't do that. I am thinking that I might put a bigger motor in and see what happens, can't be a lot worse, could it.


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