Cloud Models The Jester


Cloud Models The Jester

Again these are archive pictures not my actual model, however the colour scheme is similar.

This is the oldest model in my hanger having been built about 1985 and then put away safely, it wasn't actually maidened until 2015 and what a handful it was, from the off it just went up, nose up towards the heavens, the OS 25 FSR had more than enough to keep it going up aswell, it is only 38" wingspan.

It then became a task of figuring out why, I have checked incidences, adjusted incidences, checked and adjusted thrust lines, moved the centre of gravity forward and back and still I never seem to get two flights together with the same trim. It can only be described as a small field plane because it gets really small very quickly.

I have even modded the wings so they now bolt on instead of being banded on, I thought that might be upsetting the incidences, without any major success, so it's now in the loft tucked away safely sans engine and control gear waiting for the day, or not.

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