Ripmax Jive

Ripmax Jive

These are archive pictures of the Jive and it is the latest addition to the fleet, I haven't taken any photo's of mine yet but looks like the above, it did have the big Jive sticker on the wing but I took it off..

I'm not really a 3D flyer but ordered this following reading an article in the BMFA mag about Fun Fly Competitions and the club had one planned for Sept 2017, problem was I left it to late and it didn't arrive in time, hey ho!.

Recommended power plant is an Irvine 36 or 39 and you have been able to buy the model with one of these included but I bought the airframe without for £85, I think you would be lucky to find an Irvine power plant of this size these days, so probably that dates the model. What I did have from years ago was an OS 25 FSR which will swing the recommended size props.

Unforunately, to get the CofG right I had circa 600gms of lead stuck on it, the nose is short. Assumption being the OS is a lot lighter than the Irvine's. There was no problem with the maiden and it was very twichy with the recommended throws, I progammed it with full and half rates and at half it was still very manoverable. I enjoyed three or four filghts on the first day at the field and did put a smile on my face.

I decided to extend the engine forward by building a box 40mm deep and attaching it using the original mounting holes, what this meant was I could take all the weights off and the CG was 'rightish' a bit rearward of recommended but the model flies well, I also mechanically reduced the throws so what my original half rate is now full rate and half rate is a lot more to my liking, I also have about 40% expo in around the nuetral which smooths out the twichyness especially at higher speeds. What I haven't sorted yet is the tendacy to drop the nose a bit when inverted in a roll, it needs a lot of down in my view while inverted to keep it level. Any thoughts greatfully received.

What does make me smile though is I fly around at about half throttle most of the time and can put full what ever in and it just does it and I have never seen any tendancy for it to stall, it does have a very deep wing section which probably helps, I plan to take the wing fences off and see if theres a big difference in the future.

It takes off in about 10 feet and touch and goes have been interesting and amusing. Ground handling can also be interesting which resulted in turning the undercarrage round to put the wheels nearer the c of g point, which has improved it, a lack of steerable tail wheel means you are taxing with the tail just on the point of being off the ground and using rudder to steer.

I look forward to the next Fun Fly! if I haven't smashed it by then...!

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