Black Horse Travel Air x2

Black Horse Travel Air

No its not twice the size I just have two which are from different era's

The first is a late model with two wing panels which slide onto a joiner tube through the fuselage, I bought it at Leeds Model Shop the day after I broke the Gangster the second was bought from a club member for a song.

The first one had a very exciting early life. Cronologically it was after the Gangsters first crash and before the Wot 4. I took it down the field for it's maiden flight and I was convinced that I would be ok doing it myself. It was an evening flight and my usual trusted friend was not available.

Of I went across the strip and pulled in a bit of up and we where off, only we where off and rolling so I put in opposite to level it and it went more the same way. Into the long grass it went and off came the tail, brand new never been flown and trashed. Didn't help that the airlerons where reversed and the rudder. Doh! or Dope!

The third flight after I had replaced back end of the fuz to fix the tail too it went dead stick on me and ended up bringing it down on the down wind leg at the edge of the field.

A couple of days earlier the club had dug a ditch around the edge of the field to keep travellers out, which I didn't know about until I got to the downed Travel Air, there it was straddling the ditch with crumpled roots and a bent joiner tube.

I never got this plane and struggled with it most of the time, it never seemed to want to come down, even tick over was too fast on a 40, eventually after semi retirement I changed the glo motor for electric and flew it on a 4 cell and it was much improved model, the later design did seem optimised for electric although fitting a glo was an option. Its in the loft now and hasn't had an outing for a couple of years.

The earlier Travel Air is a completely different beast, one piece bolted wing and flys on a Supre Tigre 46, which has been in a number of my airframes.

This has impecible manners and if pushed will do the book, it is getting tatty and has had some repairs. Managed my first mid air with this.

A fellow member was flying at lowish level up the field with his foamy model and I was coming up the field quite fast above him when he pulled up we where closer than I thought, there was a crash and bang so to speak and the foamy dived to the ground, suffering a broken prop, I flew a couple of circuits while the strip was cleared and landed, might have done more than a couple of rolls after the mid air. On inspection the electric prop had cut cleanly throught the leading edge of the wing near the root to just in front of the wing spar, and located itself within the wing, the foamy then slashed the bottom of the fuselage with the other prop blade as I passed over, it was basically a miracle the Travel Air stayed in one piece.

Fibre Glass bandage round the wing and super glue and new covering and its back in the air, still doing the book.

It looks tatty but flys well

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