Tanglewood Orleans

I wanted to examine this Tanglewood a bit closer and the guy moved in and nicked the 335 off the rack and paid for it at the counter, never even strummed it.

Got into the Orleans and had it plugged into an amp, some guys was doing Stairway or Smoke on the Water or the modern equivalent and I was having difficulty hearing the Tanglewood, which turned out to be because the selector switch was duff. Made some onerous negotiating noises about price but I got the 'I'm selling it for a mate' routine but got the guitar for £225 plus they would fix it.

Gave it a good clean and a shine and a new set of string's, proper Jazz ones, changed the nut and tweaked the movable bridge to get the string hieght some thing like and it occasionally gets an outing. Find the neck a bit narrow for any thing other than strumming but does do it well. I have another set of flat wound strings which I bought same time as the other's but as I hardly play it, there not worn so haven't tried them yet.