Tanglewood Orleans

John Mizarolli inspired me to splash my cash on this one, I had bought from John his Beginners and Advanced Guitar Course and part of the beginers bit is what John calls Jazz Indulgence, I was doing alright with the course, was taking longer to sort the materials into some sort of order than learn it, but I had got to Lesson 6 Jazz Indulgence, just didn't sound right.

So one Saturday morning with nothing to do but spend money I found myself in the Rock Shop at Castleford and caught my eye on this one and a nice metallic blue 335 lookalike. I had a go of the 335 and put it back to play with the Tanglewood and this guy and his misses came and sat down beside me and asked me what I thought of the 335 and I said it was a nice guitar played well and he seemed impressed that I could play it, he may have just been boosting my ego..he asked me if I thought it would be suitable to learn on and I said yeah, it had had a short but hard life but nothing fundamentally wrong and was only £200.