Fender Squirer Stratocaster

Then the need to improve it crept up on me, first I think was to get rid of the wammy bar and wobbly bridge, I fashioned a suitably stout piece of wood to go into the cavity in the body and lock the whole thing down so it wouldn't move, then tighten the screws on the bridge so that it no longer pivots any way, apparently Eric was fond of this method of tweaking his Strats so..

A weekend in Dublin saw me wander into a Music shop in Temple Bar and they had all sorts of nice bits and pieces on show, one being a black pearloid finger plate actually made by Fender, 40 Euro's lighter I was the proud owner.

Had no problem fitting it and looks a bobby dazzler.

Final mod for this one was new pickups which came via the said colleague who got me the guitar in the first place. Tony Burns is the guys name its engraved into the covers and painted gold, he is quite handy with it, he actually makes the pickups himself and has even had them reviewed by Guitar magazine 'I think' and his mate Chris (Rea) apparently has some also.



Squirer Strat