Fender Squirer Stratocaster

Interesting one this one, got it for Christmas 1998. My first electric guitar and the only one I owned at the time. I had been making some noises in the direction of my ex wife about fancying taking up guitar again. My last guitar an acoustic broke when I hit someone with it, when I was about 20.

Being an ungrateful git I wanted to be pleased at getting it for Christmas but it irritated me that when ever I wanted some thing some one else would get me what they thought I wanted, my ex actually got a colleague involved who play's who actually chose the guitar for me, to get a goodun' more of this later..

Fairly bog standard guitar it started out as, nice and light and a nice neck plays well, nothing fussy, dragged it to College and all sorts of places to learn on and it got a few dings and scratches which I patched up with Black Nail Varnish..



Squier Strat