PRS SE Soapbar 1

Went across the road to Music Ground and went upstairs to look at the Vintage stuff and got talking to the man and he had 3 at least LP Juniors of definite age and a couple of Melody Makers stuck away but the same guy with the Green Emulsion had been at this one also, but it looked like it had scales down the back of the neck it was that rough.

Started asking daft questions and it looked like we where starting at £1700 for a Junior and £1000 for a Melody Maker, then thought the one across the road at half the price might not be so bad, so made my excuses and wandered back into Hobgoblin, the guitar I had seen no longer in the window, went in saw the man said that guitar I was looking at earlier, where is it want to buy it, Sorry mate came the reply, but a guy in the shop same time as you bought it the minute you walked out the door.



PRS SE Soapbar