PRS SE Soapbar 1

This baby was my axe of choice since the day it arrived, a couple of years ago. I bought it second hand from a guy in Glouster via eBay, it cost me about £245 but add the postage and I even tipped up for insurance and it was about £260 ish all in.

As it happens with all thing's I was looking for some thing new and was fancying a Les Paul Junior or Melody Maker, being fairly stripped down bits of kit and with a P90 single coil. I was hoping it might entice me to play the fancy LP Custom a bit.

Scoured eBay and all sorts of my usual haunts, Rock Shop in Cas and Music Ground in Leeds couldn't find what I wanted until one day saw a Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker in the window of HobGoblin Music in Leeds for £500, I went in had a look and was disappointed because it looked like it had been painted with Green Emulsion and looked tat. Played alright though.



PRS Soapbar 1