Peavey Milestone II

Another purchase inspired by a bit of learning, this time Richard Daniels and his tome Blues Guitar - Inside and Out, at the back of which there's a section on Blues bass lines. I got it into my head that what I needed was a Bass guitar and a trip into Leeds this time resulted in this for about £119. I also bought a gig bag for it and a hardcase for the Strat which was slightly damaged but new for £40

Not much else to say really, play it some times, my kids have tried on more than one occasion to borrow it for busking or what ever.

The most interesting thing about it was I used to annoy the life out of a guy who was my upstairs flatmate when I left the marital home, he was a sound engineer or recording engineer and when ever I got it out he used to come down and ask me to turn the noise down, guess he didn't like my playing or just plainly had had enough noise during the day.

An entirely adequate tool for the job.



Peavey Bass