1968 Les Paul Custom Figuretop

Not for me a cheap imitation though, was going to have the real deal and browsing the Gibson website one day hit upon this beauty languishing in the Custom Shop listing, actually there was more than one, the other being a 59 Re-issue of the Standard, the one every one wants but it was £6K. This baby listed at nearly £4k but I was determined.

I then towted my desire around various music shops who supplied Gibson, think I even talked to Rosselli for a quote, the best I could get it for was for about £2.7K from my good friends in the Rock Shop in Castleford. I duly turned up with a couple of hundred quid in my hand to seal the deal with them and waited for my Custom made axe to arrive.

Bit of a misnomer really as if it was a bike or a suit I would have been measured for it, but in this case it means some one lovingly assembles it and finishes it by hand apparently and then Gibson charge an arm and a leg premium.




Les Paul Custom