1968 Les Paul Custom Figuretop

Bit difficult to know where to start with this one.

Early in the new century I was going through divorce with my first wife and the only thing I got from the settlement was, close on £3K when the endowments where sold off.

Duly deposited in my savings I wondered what to do with the money, my then girl friend and now loveley wife, didn't want my money, didn't think I should spend it on the home, but lavish it on myself as therapy for the past. I took an long time to decide what to do with my cash and decided that a good guitar would improve my playing to the point of being a professional and then went in search of a new toy.

Always had a thing about Les Pauls and remember standing in various music shops in Newcastle on a Saturday afternoon drooling over the Shaftsbury copies and wondering where I would get the £70 for one..never did.



Les Paul Custom