psuedo Fender Telecaster

The rest was an assembly job, I changed the bridge for a three saddle jobby and bought the ferrules to make it proper string through body, screwed it all together after carefully lining things up, you don't get any instructions in these kits, changed a tuner that wouldn't, the crap plastic nut for a proper one, strung it up, set the neck and string height, and have never touched it since to tweak it.

I play it all the time and love it. The neck seems quite wide but strangely is the same dimensions as my 'Strat' neck but the Tele some how lends it self to finger picking House of The Rising Sun ala The Animals

I rate these kits as it was a doddle to do however you could argue the toss over the quality of some bit's, it cost £75 + postage, the new bridge cost another £18 ish, the nut about £4, paint about £15 and about 10 - 12 hours of time all told, if you didn't have to wait for paint to dry etc you could do one of these easy in a day...

I would like to put some different pick up's in to see how the standard stuff compares, to my ear exactly what I wanted and expected and not a lot different to proper ones in the music store.