psuedo Fender Telecaster

This started life as a Music King guitar kit, I bought it just before Christmas 2007 as I knew I was having a couple of weeks off work and wanted some thing to do.

For those that know the neck comes looking like a paddle and you have to fashion it into something like, I found a drawing of a Telecaster head stock on the web, down loaded it printed it out and looked at what I had got scale wise, wasn't hard to tweak it so that measurements on paper = real measurements so made a template, fixed it to the neck and chiselled it out on my router table. Easier said than done but never the less a success

Next job was to strip the stuff off the wood it came with, sanding sealer I think, gave it all a nice rub down and finished the neck in clear lacquer from Halfords and the body.. thats I think 3 coats of Ford Sahara Beige over 4 coats of grey primer over a coat of sanding sealer which I applied, all nicely rubbed down in between coats with various grades of wet and dry and finally a good dose of buffing and polishing.