Fender Gemini II

This was funnily enough the first guitar I ever bought myself, my previous 2 being bought for me.

Bought it in North Shields of all places! I had been dragging the family round most of the North East that day as I had decided I needed and acoustic, and I wanted a cheap one.

I looked at all sorts of stuff in second hand shops and music shops and nothing took my eye until saw this, same mate who conived with my ex to get me the Strat had told me about there being a good Guitar Emporium in North Shields, driving around I happened on this shop and wandered in as you do, then completely intimidated by some cool dudes chatting and strumming away in a far better manner than I was able, I was in awe I think.

Anyway, guy behind the counter got sick of me lurking and asked if he could help, I splutterd out I am looking for an acoustic and I'm not bothered if its second hand just want a decent one.



Fender Gemini