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What to do if the site doesn't work


I compiled this website on one computer and thought it was great until I tried it on another and things didn't quite work as intended.

Using IE 9 I changed a couple of settings, you need to make Windows Media Player the default for Audio, one of mine was using quick time which blanked out the learning screen, I also set Media Player to run in minimised mode so you can have both the webpage and media player on the same screen. To replay the track you just press replay or start. I also changed the setting that keeps bringing up the blocked active x message when running the pages locally, I haven't tried it from the web yet but think if you trust the site it will be ok.

Google Chrome seems to want to play all the audio links at the same time when you click on them so don't know what is wrong with that. QuickTime plays the audio in a new tab and when you go back to the learning screen the audio stops, not very useful and I haven't figured it out yet.


Internet Options Advanced Browsing Underline Links 'Hover'

Internet Options Advanced Security Allow Active Content To Run in Files In My Computer