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Before we go any further I must pay homage to John Mizarroli, I bought his beginners and advanced guitar course about 10 years ago. When I bought his suite of training courses, I revamped a considerable amount of the original material by making it electronic and added material from other sources to fill it out .

The audio is derived from the mass of audio cd's supplied which required splitting into individual tracks to link to the individual lessons, I have used each individual wav file to link to the individual lessons making the course a bit more user friendly. I do not under estimate the value of the original course information or the work needed to compile the original information but thought I could inprove the original concept.

Ultimately a considerable amount of the information is freely available on the net, but my position in placing this in the public domain is frankly suspect. I have put this together to enhance the original material supplied and ultimately have only put this together for myself. so all I can say is enjoy and if I get hit with a big stick I will remove it. If you think I am in the wrong please click the disagree button otherwise accept and we can share the weath of information.


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